Ukrkranenergo Technological and Design Institute, Public Joint-Stock Company (TDI Ukrkranenergo, OJSC) is a specialized design and engineering company engaged in the development of power and industrial construction & installation technology, as well as the design of hoisting machines, material handling systems, and special lifting equipment for any industry both in Ukraine and abroad.

The TDI Ukrkranenergo, OJSC rights to perform design work are ensured by the following approvals available at the institute:

– licence of the Ministry for Regional Development and Building of Ukraine to perform design work within the territory of Ukraine (expiry date: March, 2015);

– permit of State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine (Gosgorpromnadzor) for the execution of particularly dangerous works pertaining to expert examination, non-destructive inspection, and testing of hoisting cranes (expiry date: July, 2015);

– resolution of NNEGC Energoatom to approve our company as a service provider for SE NNEGC Energoatom, for the period up until May 2013, with regard to the development of process engineering documentation for equipment erection, design documentation for hoisting machines, special equipment and accessories for execution of construction and erection work at NPP, as well as the technical inspection and diagnostics of hoisting cranes and machines at NPP;

– resolution of SSE ChNPP to include the institute, for the period up until May 2013, in Approved Vendor List with regard to the development of NPP equipment erection and repair procedure, as well as process design documentation on lift-and-carry equipment for the NPP;

– UkrSEPRO Certificate of compliance of the Quality management system existing in the company to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001 – 2009;

–Certificate of the Federal State Institution State Registration Chamber with the Ministry of Justice of Russia on accreditation of a representative office (without the right to perform business activities) of our company in Belgorod. This certificate ensures a possibility for the joint-stock company to join a self-regulated organization within the territory of Russia;

– Certificate of joint-stock company membership in Russian (Moscow) self-regulated organization “Non-Profit Partnership “Association of Design Engineers” and of permit to work in the field of development of design documentation for construction. The Certificate is valid over the whole territory of Russia for an indefinite term;

– Certificate of Training of the joint-stock company specialists at refresher course of design engineers in the Russian Federation;

– Certificate of Attestation of the joint-stock company specialists at Russian Technical Supervisory Authority (Rostekhnadzor) for the right to perform design work for extrahazardous facilities within the Russian Federation.

According to its specialization, TDI Ukrkranenergo, OJSC perform its activities in two areas, engineering and crane design.

The engineering works are executed by the specialists of two functional departments, Department of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and Department of Thermal Power Plants (TPP).

To carry out the crane design work, the institute has “Kran” Special Design Bureau (construction department of crane metalwork and mechanisms that includes an examination laboratory for cranes in operation).

The procedural nomenclature of functional engineering departments includes the development of the following process engineering documents:

– construction organization projects (COPs) for thermal and nuclear power plants, and metallurgical combines;

–Master Complex Schedules for project construction with Primavera Project Planner;

– work execution plans for erection and dismantling of turbine units and boiler plants, pipelines, metalwork, electric precipitators, air heaters, exhaust machines; pulverized coal, gas & air ducts, and other thermal & mechanical equipment; metal smoke stacks and hoisting mechanisms;

– work execution plans for erection of equipment for the metallurgical combines, waste incineration plants, and other industrial facilities;

– engineering and design documentation for erection of the NPP thermal & mechanical equipment, pipelines and metalwork;

– engineering documentation for repair of the TPP and NPP process equipment, as well as general purpose industrial equipment;

– engineering documentation for welding, heat treatment and inspection of welded joints of the TPP and NPP equipment and pipelines;

– incoming inspection documentation for the TPP and NPP thermal & mechanical equipment and structures;

– engineering documentation for manufacturing and erection of spent nuclear fuel storage facilities;

– working drawings (basic and detailed design) of pulverized coal, gas & air ducts, metalwork, and other non-standard equipment.

The crane design activities carried out by “Kran” Special Design Bureau specialists comprise:

– development of design documentation for the hoisting machines and equipment, special reloading machines of various capacities. Our professionals also arrange their manufacturing, support, and commissioning;

– work on technical inspection and technical expert diagnostics of hoisting cranes and machines by means of non-destructive testing methods. The institute has a technical (full and partial) examination laboratory for all types of cranes and elevators. The laboratory is divided into groups to carry out technical diagnostics of the metalwork, mechanisms, and electrical equipment. The technical diagnostics involves the development of repair documentation for elimination of identified defects;

– development of regulatory documents with regard to hoisting cranes and machines, as well as review of regulatory documents developed by other organizations of Ukraine and CIS countries, which is aimed at determining the effectiveness of the appropriate regulatory documents being in force in Ukraine. The institute is one of the developers of Procedure for Design and Safe Operation of Cargo Cranes dated the year of 2007 (NPAOP 0.00-1.01-07);

– design review and expertise for hoisting machines and equipment, as well as mechanical means of assembling and dismantling;

We can design for our customers (and arrange a delivery if required) the following load lifting machinery:

– gantry and bridge cranes with the load capacity of up to 400 t;

– electric and hand hoists with the load capacity of 0.5‑80 t;

– tower cranes for multi-storey house construction, special erecting cranes and heavy duty concrete placers with the load capacity of up to 32 t;

with the load capacity of up to 40 t;

– claw cranes with the output of 200‑600 t/h for operating bulk cargo depots;

– metallurgical cranes of any type;

– bucket unloaders for metallurgical industry, mining industry, and thermal power plants;

– bucket- and conveyor-type shiploaders with the output of 400‑1200 t/h;

– special handling terminals – continuous-cycle hoisting machines with material handling and transportation equipment;

– redesigning and retrofitting of cranes made by any manufacturer;

– customer demand analysis and selection of optimal hoisting equipment;

– development of automated guidance and positioning systems for load handling devices;

– designing of electrical equipment for machines and mechanisms, control systems, power lead and distribution systems, lighting and warning circuits for hoisting machinery (cranes, reloaders, loading machines, conveyor and transporter systems) with the application of up-to-date DC drives (thyristor converters), AC drives (frequency converters), as well as relay and contactor combinations;

– development and implementation of crane frequency converters for control of drives with squirrel-cage induction motors with the power of up to 320 kW; the converters are used in mechanisms of any complexity level: from 0.5 to 400 Hz, vector control for mechanisms working in four quadrants of the speed-torque characteristic with possible, as necessary, energy recovery during braking;

–development of electric drive designs using the electrical equipment of world’s leading manufacturers;

– organization of start-up and commissioning of crane equipment.

Our institute has extended creative relationships with the enterprises and companies working in the field of power and industrial construction.

For more than 80 years of its history, the institute’s solutions have been implemented not only in Ukraine and CIS countries, but also far abroad: Argentine, Germany, Egypt, India, China, Mexico, Iraq, Algeria, Cuba, Bulgaria, Vietnam, and other countries.

TDI Ukrkranenergo, PJSC possesses the necessary engineering and technical potential, being able to perform a set of works of any complexity level, from the development of process engineering and design documentation to turning it into a metal work.