UKRKRANENERGO Technological and Design Institute, PJSC traces its history back to 1925, when the Design Department was created within “Teplo i Sila” (Heat and Power) joint-stock company included in 1930 in Kotloturbina All-Union Association of Boiler-and-Turbine Industry.

Since 1938 the Design Department had been a part of newly established trust, Yuzhenergotrust specializing in design of new boiler plants, reconstruction of boiler units, conversion of boiler units from solid fuel to fuel oil, etc.

In 1944 the Design Department was reorganized into the Design Office of Donbassenergomontazh Trust. For those years the Design Office had been developing up-to-date solutions for the erection of overground main building structures of thermal power plants. Design Office pilot projects for procedure of rapid installation of heat-and-power equipment for power plants became especially known and were in great demand.

The broad power construction program of the fifties required development of new hoisting equipment for erection, and the Design Office team did not stand aside, having mastered the design of required machines and mechanisms in full. For those years the Design Office had developed and implemented the designs of bridge cranes with 30 and 50 t load capacity for boiler plants, gantry cranes with the same capacity for storage and pre‑assembly areas, K100-31 and K-260 gantry cranes for erection of 300 thou. kW generators, semi‑gantry cranes for hopper‑deaerating towers of thermal power plants, as well as hoisting mechanisms for maintenance of air preheaters and electric filters.

In 1970 the Design Office was reorganized into “Energomontazhproekt” Institute (Kharkov branch) being a structural part of VO “Teploenergomontazh” of USSR Ministry of Energy. This event gave a new impetus to the development of two basic activities of the institute:

1. In the engineering field, the institute became a leading company in the development of advanced technology for erection of high-capacity power units for thermal and nuclear power plants. Those were just the work execution projects (for equipment erection) developed by Kharkov branch of the Institute as per which power units 300‑800 MW were constructed at Slavyanskaya, Starobeshevskaya, Pridneprovskaya, Zaporozhskaya, Uglegorskaya, Zuyevskaya, Zmiyevskaya, Berezovskaya, and other thermal power plants, as well as 500 and 1000 MW power units were constructed at the South Ukraine, Zaporozhskaya, Khmelnitskaya, Balakovskaya, Novovoronezhskaya, and other nuclear power plants. A considerable amount of work had been done by the institute for foreign facilities of Hungary, Bulgaria, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, China, India and other countries.

2. In the crane design field, by Order No. D‑51‑14 of USSR Ministry of Energy dated March 25, 1991, our institute was appointed a head organization of USSR Ministry of Energy in the development of design and standard technical documentation for hoisting cranes, machines, and mechanisms. In 1992, in view of extended functions attributed to Kharkov branch of “Energomontazhproekt” Institute in crane engineering, it was renamed as Ukrkranenergo Scientific and Research, Technological and Design Institute (Ukrkranenergo SRTDI) by order of Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. The company’s specialists in crane engineering successfully master new areas of activity, including the design of special hoisting machines for mechanization of civil and industrial construction processes – attachment cranes for multi-storey building construction, and loading machines successfully operated at the sea and river ports of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

In 1999 Ukrkranenergo SRTDI was reorganized into SRTDI Ukrkranenergo Open Joint-Stock Company, and in March, 2011 into TDI Ukrkranenergo Public Joint-Stock Company. As before, now it is aimed at both staying worthy of its glorious history and being the best in its professional activities.